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What Skincare Ingredients are Pregnancy Safe?

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Pregnancy comes in all different forms, whether you struggle with stretch marks, or morning sickness, everyone’s pregnancies can differ. During pregnancy, not everyone has that pregnancy glow, your skin might actually be suffering. This can take form in dry patches, excessive oil, melasma and breakouts. While you may be desperate to fix this, not all skin care products are safe for pregnancy. Some ingredients that are common in skincare products can harm your baby and cause possible birth defects. We have you covered on product recommendations for the safest skincare routine for you and your baby.

Skincare Ingredients to Avoid When Pregnant

The first ingredient to avoid is retinoids. Studies have shown that using retinoids during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. Retinoids are often found in over the counter eye creams and serums. 

Hydroquinone, while not proven to lead to harm in babies, is safest to avoid due to its skin lightening properties and is often found in serums and exfoliants. 

While salicylic acid isn’t necessarily harmful to a mother bearing a child in small doses, most doctors and dermatologist recommend avoiding this ingredient. Salicyclic acid can be found in serums and cleansers.

Pthalates are often found in cosmetic products and have been proven to harm reproductive and hormone health. These should definitely be avoided during pregnancy. Make sure to double check the labels on your cosmetics. 

Formaldehydes should also be avoided because often times they can increase the chances of infertility and miscarriage. These are becoming less common, but sometimes found in some cosmetics so be wary when purchasing new products. 

Lastly, in general, you should avoid any chemical sunscreen. Opt for a natural, mineral formula like  Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen.

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To recap, here is a list of skincare ingredients you should avoid in pregnancy:

  • Retinoids 🚫
  • Hydroquinone 🚫
  • Salicylic Acid 🚫
  • Pthalates 🚫
  • Formaldehydes 🚫
  • Chemical sunscreen 🚫

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Safe Skincare Ingredients During Pregnancy 

Glycolic acid in small doses is completely safe during pregnancy. Use products with glycolic acid in treating acne and hyperpigmentation. A great cleanser to use that won’t harm you or your baby is the Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Gel. This is full of ingredients that will get your skin looking fresh and clean without harsh chemicals that will harm your baby. 

Vitamin C is completely safe to use to combat aging throughout pregnancy. Additionally, all antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 are safe to use. The SkinKure High Potency Vitamin C Serum is a great source of vitamin C to combat premature aging. 

Moisturizers that contain coconut oil, cocoa butter, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are great for hydration if you are struggling with dry skin or stretch marks amidst your pregnancy. A great moisturizer that is pregnancy safe is the Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Moisturizer. This formula consists of many natural ingredients so you know that you and your baby are getting the best care.  

For your daily dose of SPF, opt for a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical one. Some good ingredients to look for in mineral based sunscreen include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen and any Supergoop! Mineral Sunscreen is a great option for moms who are expecting. This sunscreen contains 9% zinc oxide and is 46 SPF providing great protection for your skin. 

How to Choose Skincare Products When Pregnant

Make sure to read the label. Watch out for all the ingredients listed above, the more natural ingredients a product contains, the more it will be better for you. If you are unsure, contact a doctor about the product in question. Don’t take risks when it comes to your baby’s health. 

Shop Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products

The iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is also a great cleanser option for those expecting. It is packed with antioxidants to keep your skin acne free and glowing. 

The iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum is also a great option for an anti-aging Vitamin C Serum. This contains glycerin to help fight off those premature lines.

Lastly, for an easy way to touch up your sunscreen throughout the day, is the Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF Brush On to take on the go without any harmful ingredients. 

You and your baby’s health is a priority. Follow our guide and shop all the products mentioned at to ensure the best skin and safety for your baby during your pregnancy.

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