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FREE shipping on orders over $50 + Free samples • Authorized Retailer
FREE shipping on orders over $50 + Free samples • Authorized Retailer

General FAQ

General FAQ


Our Return Policy

How to Return or Exchange a Product

Ineligible Products for Returns

Product Warranty



Shipping within the United States

International Shipping

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Fulfillment & Delivery Times

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Products

Undeliverable or Change of Address

Can I change or cancel my order?

Can I change my shipping information?

Expedited Shipping Times

About My Subscriptions

Benefits of Derm to Door subscription

Free Shipping!

How Subscriptions Work

Changing My Subscription


What is an FSA?

What Items Are Eligible?

Deadlines and Rollovers

How Do I Get Reimbursed?

Do you accept FSA or HSA Cards?

Teledermatology FAQ


Does Derm to Door have a dermatologist near me?

Can I choose my dermatologist?

How do I know my online dermatologist can treat my condition?

Can a minor use the platform?

What about women who are pregnant or nursing?

What information do I need to provide?

Is my information safe and secure?

Can my online dermatologist prescribe medication or devices?

What will I get from the doctor?

What if the doctor wants me to come in for an in-office visit (i.e. biopsy or diagnostic procedure)

Can I treat more than one condition per online dermatology visit?

What if I have questions for the dermatologist after I submit my visit?

How much does this cost and how can I pay?

Do I need a referral?

What devices do you support? Do I need to download a mobile app?

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