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Bakuchiol Products for Your Skin

Bakuchiol is an oil-soluble plant extract derived from the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant (more commonly known as babchi), and has been hailed as an anti-aging hero, having been used in traditional Eastern medicine to treat a range of skin concerns. More recently, Bakuchiol has gained popularity as a plant-based ingredient that can be used as a retinol alternative, given its similar, more gentle action within the skin. When formulated together, Bakuchiol and retinol have a synergistic effect, boosting results while reducing inflammation. Shop our favorite dermatologist-approved skincare products with Bakuchiol today!

Bakuchiol Benefits for Skin

  • Bakuchiol helps smooth skin’s texture
  • Targets fine lines and dark spots by increasing skin cell turnover rate and stimulating collagen production
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory 
  • Who should use Bakuchiol? Anyone with sensitive skin looking to reap the benefits of a retinol
  • When should you use Bakuchiol? Bakuchiol can be used morning and night for improved smoothness and antioxidant protection
  • What can you use with Bakuchiol? Anything and everything! Bakuchiol is a very user-friendly ingredient
  • Bakuchiol is a pregnancy safe skincare product
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