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FREE shipping on orders over $50 + Free samples • Authorized Retailer

Why You Need Foria Intimate Care Products

Many people have heard of CBD and lube exclusively. Not many people have thought about what would happen when you combine the two. The result is Foria. Foria has come up with a chemical free solution that combines the benefits of both lube and CBD to create enhanced sexual pleasure. Before we delve into the details of the Foria products and why they should be a staple on your nightstand, let's discuss why you should mix CBD and sex. 

CBD stands for cannabidoil, most commonly known as the relaxing ingredient found in cannabis. CBD does not contain THC and will not get you high. It is often used for anxiety and depression due to its calming qualities. 

So why does it make sense to combine CBD and sex? When you use CBD topically, such as in a lube or arousal oil, it increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and releases tension. All of which are optimal for sexual pleasure. 

At Derm to Door, we offer two different Foria products, which our customers have deemed as bedroom essentials. The first product is considered a party starter in the bedroom. The Arousal Oil is made up of all natural ingredients, making it safe to ingest. The arousal oil's function is to set the mood. It eases any discomfort and enhances pleasure, making it essential whether using it with your partner or riding solo. This product is meant to support women and people with vulvas' sexual wellness. This is only the starting act, our next Foria product is the main performance. 

The second Foria product that Derm to Door carries is the Sex Oil. This is the sequel of the Arousal Oil. The Arousal Oil is used to get the party started in the bedroom, and the Sex Oil keeps it going all night long. The Sex Oil is used as a lubricant, only containing 2 ingredients, coconut oil and CBD. The Sex Oil is an all natural moisturizer that is completely safe to be absorbed into your body and won't cause any infections. Lube is great to use in any circumstance and should definitely be a bedroom essential.

These CBD products will transform your sex life for the better. Make CBD an essential in your bedroom and shop the Foria products mentioned here at


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