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Dermatologist Recommended Products For Intimate Care

When you think self care, what do you think of? It may remind you of relaxing with a bubble bath, meditating, or putting on your favorite face mask after a long day. Self care can take shape in many different forms. One thing that we often overlook when it comes to self care, is self care for "down there". Whether it's in the bedroom or just vaginal maintenance, many women don't know where to start. It's 2021, talking about sex and vaginal health shouldn't be taboo anymore. We are here to guide you through solutions to your problems, and to introduce you to products you didn't even know you needed. 

A lot of the time, women just want their vagina to look and feel pretty. Between razor burn, chafing, and sweating it's hard to find a solution that works for you and your vagina. Your vagina shouldn't just look good but it should feel good too. To combat against razor bumps and bacteria, we have The Perfect V VV Beauty Mist. This mist neutralizes vaginal odor and soothes your sensitive skin after hair removal to get your vagina feeling its best.  

If you are someone who gets ingrown hairs down there frequently, Lady Suite Glow Refiner is a must have. This formula is gentle and an easy solution compared to harsh scrubs and formulas that are often used to treat ingrown hairs. This gentle formula contains lactic acid to moisturize and remove dead skin cells leaving your vagina looking its best. 

Often times women don't know how to go about cleaning their vulva. Many soaps can damage your natural pH, leaving your vagina with an odor that normally would have been regulated naturally. The Lady Suite Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser supports natural pH and fights against that unwanted odor so your vagina isn't left with any unpleasant odors. 

Now that you have your vagina looking, smelling, and feeling good, you may want to go the extra step and get a Muff Masque. When we think of masks, we usually think about our face, but Muff has revolutionzed the meaning of masks. The Muff masque is a vaginal mask made to give your vulva the extra hydration it needs. Remember, your vagina needs self care too!

Now that you feel confident with your vaginal self care, it is time to dive into self care in the bedroom. Whether you're riding solo or with a partner, it is important to properly take care of your vaginal health when getting intimate. 

To start off your journey in the bedroom, the Foria Natural Arousal Oil is a must. This oil contains CBD to help relax muscle tension and increase blood flow, all of  which is essential in getting the most pleasure out of every experience. This product is not a lube, but just a prelude to get you in the mood. This product is great to get any party started, but especially for those who struggle with painful sex. Customers rave about the drastic improvement of their sex life, deeming this product an essential to have on your night stand. 

To keep the momentum from the arousal oil going, we have two great lubes that will make all the difference in your sexual experiences. Lube is completely normal to use, and shouldn't be frowned upon, because often times it can enhance sexual pleasure. The first lube is the sequel to the Foria arousal oil. This is the Foria Intimacy Sex Oil. This oil also contains CBD to ease your muscles resulting in ultimate pleasure. As Foria says, the arousal oil is to get the party started, and the sex oil keeps the party going all night long. Our second recommended lube is the WOO More Play Coconut Love Oil. This oil is made from coconuts. Just the scent will get you in the mood! Both of these products are made with all natural ingredients that won't harm your pH or make a mess. 

Don't limit yourself when it comes to self care. These few self care products will change not only your sex life but your overall vaginal health, so don't cut corners! We hope this intimacy care guide helped you on your self care journey. You can purchase all these products at 

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