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If You Have Dry Skin, a Derm Says These Are the Only Products to Use in the Shower

These so-cold-your-face-is-numb temps aren’t too kind to your skin. But considering winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, your dry-skin checklist is still very much a necessity. Because truckloads of moisturizer alone isn’t going to cut it, there’s one more thing you should be doing to make a flaky, itchy complexion baby-soft once again: grab a shower oil.

Everyone knows what body washes are. Shower oils aren’t as well-known, but they certainly should be on your radar. Experts say they’re a much better option than typical cream-style body washes when it comes to fighting off dryness. According to dermatologist Lily Talakoub, MD, of McLean Dermatology and Skincare, that’s because oils more effectively moisturize your skin when you’re in the shower due to their chemical makeup. “Anything that’s lipophilic is going to penetrate the skin better, so in general, the penetration of products that works best is an oil,” she says.

For your silkiest skin yet, try one of these shower oils. In the season of flakiness, you’ll be feeling smooth as ever.

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