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Combining the ease of patches with the latest technological advances, patchology has created a line of face and eye treatments that act as spot-on solutions for your most pressing skin care concerns. Developed by a team of transdermal patch experts and beauty industry veterans, these innovative eye patches and sheet masks utilize patchology's proprietary HydraSurge5™ Moisture System and microcurrent technology to target the areas of your skin that need the most attention.

Used for centuries, patches may be traced back to ancient China where they were used to deliver medicine. Most recently, patches have been use to deliver hormones and pain medications, proving beneficial with their targeted treatment capability.

With that knowledge, patchology came into existence, creating a faster way to deliver key ingredients that address your skin concerns from fatigued eyes to deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Plus, the results are more noticeable, last longer and treatments only take five minutes.
  • Patchology mask Patchology Kiss Kiss Set Patchology mask Patchology Kiss Kiss Set

    Patchology Kiss Kiss Set


    Patchology’s best-selling lip products are now your favorite power couple!  The gloss-to-balm treatment is loaded with hydrators and antioxidants ...

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